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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–13 April 2013

Marie H of Rose Avenue area …St. Joseph Center has applied for its final Plan Approval for the 204 Hampton Ave site.  The Plan Approval should not be granted until SJC has complied with all LA City and Coastal Development Permit Conditions. These conditions were placed on SJC to protect Venice residents from any negative impact from the Center.

The zoning administrator has determined that the Center is in full compliance with conditions relating to parking.

            We are appealing the determination because the Center is NOT IN FULL COMPLIANCE with conditions relating to parking and noise abatement.

1. Parking requirements:  Conditions were placed to ensure that SJC clients park in the designated lots and not on the neighborhood streets’. This is still unsatisfactory and is in Question…

2.  Noise Abatement: SJC has not complied with all noise abatement conditions for their child care center.  A previous determination that SJC was in non-compliance has been completely ignored by them.


The WLAAPC hearing is being held at 4:30 p.m. May 1st at the Henry Medina Center located on the corner of Sepulveda Blvd. and Exposition Blvd.  Please join us.

Email objections to: APCWESTLA@LACITY.ORG before Friday, April 19th.

Heather K of Thatcher …Yay Leon! Now HE is a stakeholder. Thanks for giving your time Leon, and honoring as best you can, the community in which you live even in the circumstances with which you live in it. If I had a restaurant I’d hire him. He has a work ethic beyond most in our city and certainly has something to contribute. Someone hire him!

Kari P of Oxford …Could we please go back to white pages? Don’t like black background!

Now back to an ongoing problem of people hanging out by our back fence backing up to the bike path!  I got rid of the “youth” hanging out in the afternoon smoking pot. Thank God!

In the last three weeks I have had to call police (Pacific Division) on three occasions of drunk and belligerent guys camping out and sleeping behind my wall. It’s usually about 11pm to 1 am at night. It’s kind of scary because its dark at night on the path, they can see into my upstairs, but I can’t see them, only hear them because its pitch black out there! It’s disturbing.

Twice the cops came and I’ve had to tell them you can’t see them from the path because of the darkness and the hill. They finally put the light on one night, I had fallen asleep, and so I don’t know if they got them. Then two days ago, a homeless person with bike and bedding settled in for the night, I called again, I never got response. For some reason since they cut away the scrubs and weeds on the hill it’s become a regular shortcut for people coming off Washington Blvd. instead of using the bike path for walking they now walk down past the wall. This is not a crime, but again it gives shelter to those who wants to hang out. I feel like a nuisance calling, but what else should I do. Is there a particular number I should call or is the police, pacific division, the right one?

Just thought I’d let the neighborhood know. Also are the homeless allowed to camp out and sleep there??

Comment:  Call the Sheriff’s office.  That is county land behind the fence.  Homeless are not allowed to camp there.  Call the Sheriff’s office for everything regarding that property.

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