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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

PO Fence Continues to Upset

Mention the post office mail and one immediately thinks of emails and on-line banking. Mention no mail on Saturdays and a few ears perk up. But mention the United States Post Office, Venice, CA and the world hears you. It has become synonymous with apple pie.

Venice residents take “messing with the the United States Post Office, Venice, CA” seriously. Even opponents in other Venice conflicts unite when it comes to protecting “their” post office.

Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders Association, recently made a complaint to the city regarding the fence at the post office. The fence is on public property in the public right of way. “Billboards he says can be only on private property and they must have a permit.”

Carolyn Rios brought up the fact that he has extended into the street on the north side. (See Comments.)
David Ewing calls the posters graffiti. (See Comments.)

Monday, Miguel, the contractor, was busy trying to put up the sheets of advertising posters in the wind. Miguel said these sheets are plastic of some kind. They are meant to be more durable than the paper ones normally used. Problem is that they are harder to put up and apparently do not adhere as well, he said.   They create curling corners and bubbles which become attractive to “tearer downers.” Miguel and his helper were cleaning up the mess, removing the curled posters, and installing new posters early Monday morning.

PO Fence (2)

PO Fence (3a)

This is the area that Carolyn Rios wrote about.

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