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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd Avenue Cleaner–Leon

Leon (1a)

Good Samaritan Leon, not Leonard as previously claimed, Wilson continues to clean Third Avenue between Rose and Sunset. He sweeps debris up in piles. He doesn’t get paid to do such. Leon is an unemployed construction worker with two years of culinary training from Florida.   He is looking for work but takes the time to clean his street.

Leon (2a)

This is the west side and Leon hadn’t gotten to west side yet.
Leon (3a)

Leon says he and about nine others are regulars who camp on avenue over night while the rest are transient-here today and gone tomorrow. Leon says they don’t care about the place and just litter and leave stuff. When asked if he had seen the Venice Stakeholders’ cleanup truck, he said he hadn’t seen anyone clean up anything. Leon starts early in morning. These photos were taken at 8 am. Mark Ryavec says cleanup truck comes around lunch time.

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