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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Post Office Gets New Fence

Post Office recently got a new face lift with a plywood fence in front of the wrought iron fence.   New fence got painted and it looked even better.  The problem with the wrought iron fence was that the green mesh that was hung on it became graffiti bate.  

            There is a company that puts up plywood fences, paints them, puts advertising posters on them, maintains them, and keeps them graffiti free.  There is another such fence at the corner of Lincoln and Jefferson Way.  No graffiti, just movie ads.

            System has worked great for the Lincoln-Jefferson Way corner.  It is clean and has been clean since the fence went in with the movie posters.  It was a graffiti haven before.   Posters are replaced frequently to reflect new movies.  It is on private property.  Whether owner has permit or not is not known.

            Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders, has made a complaint to the city regarding the fence at the post office.  The fence is on public property in the public right of way.  “Billboards he says can be only on private property and they must have a permit.”

            In order to keep the wrought iron fence in tack, the plywood fence was placed slightly on public property, the sidewalk. Now someone is removing the posters that are a little loose in places.  Someone even cut one.  In a few places there is graffiti.  Definitely, more maintenance is needed at that corner.Fence--PO

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