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Will Lincoln, Sepulveda Close for Years?


Marta Evry, local activist, sent the email below. Councilman Bill Rosendahl was emailed and agreed it was: “Outrageous.”

Update called US Congressman Henry Waxman’s office for a statement. At press time there is no statement from him.

Update emailed Councilman Bill Rosendahl for a comment regarding the email. His statement was “I agree … outrageous!” Councilman Rosendahl then called to say many things but that US Congresswoman Maxine Waters is correct and US Congressman Henry Waxman is not.

See LA Weekly story “Maxine Waters Rips into Henry Waxman over LAX Expansion … ”  Waxman and LAX

Marta Evry’s Comments in email:

If you’re worried about traffic getting a LOT worse in our community, especially around Lincoln Blvd, please read this.

I found out over the weekend that our new Congressman, Henry Waxman, has signed on to a plan to expand Los Angeles International Airport in a way that guarantees region-wide non-stop traffic gridlock for the foreseeable future.

Waxman has been secretly circulating a Chamber letter to his fellow Congress Critters that supports moving one of LAX’s runways several hundred feet right smack dab into the path of Lincoln Blvd.

If that happens, it’s game over for traffic in our community. Experts say parts of Lincoln and Sepulveda Blvds would have to close for at least 2 years – perhaps even permanently – to accommodate the move. With the only viable north/south alternative to the 405 freeway shut down indefinitely, thousands of cars would be forced onto other surface streets and nearby freeways during construction, creating constant gridlock as traffic backed up onto the 405, 105, 90 and 10 freeways. Rush hour on Lincoln Blvd in Venice and the Marina would be a nightmare.

Waxman told the LA Times he didn’t feel “obligatedto tell fellow Congress Critters who opposed moving the runway that he supported tying up our traffic for years to come. Well I guess that arrogance extends to us, his constituents. Because if this hadn’t made the papers, we’d still be in the dark.

To be perfectly clear, this isn’t about opposing modernizing or improving LAX, it’s about specifically opposing the plan to move one of the runways into the path of Lincoln Blvd.

Please pick up the phone and tell Henry Waxman to just say “no” to permanent gridlock. Tell him you support LAX modernization without moving the runway and choking us with endless Carmageddon-level traffic.

Los Angeles Office: (310) 652-3095 or (323) 651-1040 Manhattan Beach Office: (310) 321-7664




Diane Laurino of Carter …

That guy ‘Turtle” or Todd has been here on Carter every Monday now for the past month or so. He camps out early at the Vets trash can and then goes house to house into everyone else’s cans. I just called the Vets and asked them to please go out there and ask him leave and to stop. I was trying to leave a message for Lead Officer but he will be out until tomorrow. Who else can we call?


Carmelita Ragas of Thatcher

What happened to Erica Walker (on your last post listed) happened to me on March 6th at 2:00. My doorbell rang and I opened the door. A young black man around 20 years of age with a small afro said he was selling something. He spoke so fast I couldn’t understand what he was saying. When I told him I was not interested he became very aggressive and started yelling at me. He said I was a racist and I was not happy seeing a black man at my door. He was so loud, aggressive and agitated that he scarred me and I called the police. He went to the house across the street and then he crossed the street again and kept going north on Thatcher doing the same crossing of street pattern. He was very intimidating.

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