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Tell Magazine Salesperson to Go

Venice residents you can tell that pesky magazine salesperson to go or you will call police. Or call the police. Who knows but what person is canvassing the area for a “knock-knock” burglary. Knock-knock burglaries are on the rise and all are cautious of such.

According to Los Angeles Municipal Code 42.19, it is illegal to solicit magazines in the city of Los Angeles and Venice is in the city. Following is the code:


(a) No person shall, on any public street, sidewalk or parkway, in this city, or in any doorway or entrance way immediately abutting thereon, solicit the sale of any subscription to any magazine, periodical or other publication, or the sale of any tangible personal property for delivery at a subsequent time.

“I always thought they were legal if they had a permit,” said Reta Moser. “In fact, I thought at the last quarterly meeting of the neighborhood watch, they said ask for the permit or tell them to go and call the police.

“I reported such to Justin Wh of Neighborhood Venice Beach and then checked out LAMC 42.19 which he had mentioned. Then I verified such with the City Attorney’s office. Enforcement is the thing. We have many laws but not all are enforced. I was also concerned about the permit.”

Jan Usher, special assistant city attorney, promptly replied:

Most businesses do NOT obtain permits to operate in Los Angeles. They are required to obtain a business tax registration certificate (BTRC) from the Office of Finance, but this is simply a tool so that the City can collect taxes — it says right on the BTRC that it is not a permit to operate and that it does not sanction an unlawful business.

Tell salesperson to take a hike.

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