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How About Enforcement of 42.19

It sounds like there is no present enforcement of 42.19. Sounds like police would tell salespeople to move on and that is about it. But there is an Administrative Code Enforcement program proposed for something such as this, according to Jane Usher, special assistant city attorney.

“This (42.19) is the type of enforcement that could EASILY be handled by our Administrative Code Enforcement (ACE) program that the City Council has held (rather than enacted) for 2+ years,” wrote Usher. “It is scheduled to come before Council on April 1. Please support it — even though it is only a pilot program involving LAPD and Animal Welfare citations at the outset.

“ACE is a proposed ordinance that adds an alternative remedy to our ability to prosecute code violations through criminal proceedings.”

When asked to explain ACE more, Usher wrote:

ACE gives us an administrative enforcement program — think of the parking ticket system. You receive a “ticket” which you can either pay or contest. There is an escalating fine/penalty if you commit the same violation again. The program is not intended for violations where a serious threat to public health or safety is present (e.g., domestic violence).

Many California cities have enacted the same program for code violations. In fact, Santa Monica modeled their program after the one we proposed for Los Angeles and put it into law while we in Los Angeles still wait for Council action. At this point, our office has been asked to revise the proposal for the fourth time — this time it will begin as a pilot with only LAPD and Animal Welfare officers able to issue ACE citations.

Why is this such a useful and appropriate tool? One, not every violator of the code should end up with a criminal record. Two, the efficiency of the ACE system (no court, no lawyers, but due process) is essential given our courtroom cuts and our need to streamline our processes. We have been told that ACE will be brought to the City Council for action on April 1. As you know, this far in advance, that date must be checked and rechecked for accuracy.

Contact Councilman Bill Rosendahl at Bill.Rosendahl@lacity.org with a yes for support of enacting the ACE system. Then also mention that enforcement of LAMC 42.19 under the proposed ACE system would be nice. That way the violators would only get a ticket.



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