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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–19 March 2013



Harris L, president of Pesidents Row Neighborhood assn

I wish the Update had been sent out earlier.

We went to Szechwan for dinner and found the door chained shut. We’ve been going there for over 20 years, and we will miss it.


Heather K of Thatcher …

I dread whatever the plans are for the Szechwan building. I already park three to four houses down from my own. Shouldn’t there be some sort of public hearing and usage permit process?

We have a new parking enforcement guy who is doing more to ticket actual neighbors in front of or near their own homes rather than the plethora of cars in our neighborhood that make parking a living hell. Neighbors should be aware of who is parked near their home before calling on a 72 hour violation. Someone who just moved in as a renter called on my neighbor’s car for being parked in front of her own house. This neighbor has lived there for 40 years. If you are paying attention and are even slightly aware of your neighbor’s comings and goings, you would be otherwise aware of a “new” car that is sitting forever. We all tend to habitually park in the same spots and they are often in front of our own homes (at least much of the time). Tune in. Get to know your neighbors. Ask around before you try to get a car towed that could likely belong to a 65 year old neighbor who has the flu or whatever.


Laura S of Penman Park area

Please list that there will be a Santa Monica Airport Forum at Penman Park on April 27th from 1-4p.m. The purpose of this forum will be to let people know the health effects of the airport to those on the ground as reported by researchers from UCLA, and to hear the ideas of our elected representatives to mitigate problems caused by the airport. We have Carmen Trutanich, Mike Fewer, Henry Waxman, Bill Rosendahl, Ted Lieu, and Mike Bonin coming as well as David Goddard, the chairman of the Santa Monica Airport Commission. We have invited Wendy Gruel and Eric Garrett, and are waiting to hear if they are available. And there will be time devoted to hearing action ideas from those attending.I will send updates about the event.

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