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Eckankar Asked to Move

Eckankar Asked To Move


The Eckankar Center, a religious organization, which has been at that address since 2004, was given notice this week to vacate and enticed with a $1000 offer to be out within a week.

Plans for the property are unknown.  The property in question is in the 2900 block of Washington Blvd.   Szechwan has been closed since January one person reported.  Both the Szechwan property, which is 5200 square feet according to General Real Estate management, and the Eckankar property, which adds another 1000, will be used together to do no one knows what. There apparently is a group of investors.

Rumors are that it will be a sports bar, that it is a Happing Endings place, that it will be open from 5 to 2 am, that the Yoga place will have to use half of the parking lot now used by Sunny Spot.


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