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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–18 March 2013


Jay B of Venice …Aside from the city’s massive effort here, this situation may be far more common than you realize. I see examples in our neighborhood each day as I walk my dog. The area around Walgreens appears to be a very popular place for this activity.

            Although it’s disgusting, have you ever wondered what you would do if you had nowhere else to go? I have no answers, only questions.


Denise F of Burrell …Sadly, the ECKANKAR Center at 2907 Washington was just given 30 day notice to move. The same restaurant owners who have leased the old Szechwan Restaurant want to expand into our space. I am told by Anne at General Property Mgmt. that they will be using the portion of the Sunny Spot lot owned by them (about half) for employees of Bikram Yoga to make more parking available in the adjacent lot. I think now would be a good time to petition for permit parking. Right now when I arrive to the center on Friday nights the parking lot is generally full already from the Yoga center alone. It should be interesting to see what happens with the new restaurant/bar. We hope to find a space in the neighborhood close by.


Shannon McL of Yale …I host Jack Daniels Classic Comedy every Monday night at 8 pm at Brennans. We bring the best brightest comedians and national headliners to the stage. Its free, no cover. $5 Jack Daniels and half off all appetizers. Would love to have all come see our show!


Arturo Pina and Cecilia Castillo of Council Office wanted to know address of house on Burrell with car parked for over three weeks that was mentioned in 13 March Update.  Cecilia called parking enforcement. 

            Comment: House owner thanks you as do all the members of the Triangle.  Vehicle still there at press time.  This more than 72-hour parking is getting very old around these apartments.  Hopefully, OPD will pass the California Coastal Commission in June.


Deborah L of Venice …Bathrooms would help these types of problems. It is absolutely insane that people complain about human waste when they won’t help get bathrooms! Not only homeless people, but tourists complain and use the bathrooms in all our shops and let their kids pee in the bushes. Why are we taking up the slack when the city refuses to?

            If you don’t like human waste, call your reps and ask for more restrooms in Venice! We need them….obviously! This is a public health problem and needs to be solved as such. Criminalizing homeless people will not solve it. Bathrooms will.


Liz W of Berkeley …In 2009 the Venice Neighborhood Council held a referendum. Two people submitted initiatives. Paraphrasing, one initiative said the Venice Neighborhood Council should inform Councilman Rosendahl that the Venice community WANTS the ability for each residential block in Venice to restrict overnight parking if 67% of the units on that block sign petitions to that effect.

             The second initiative said the Venice Neighborhood Council should inform the Councilman Rosendahl that the Venice community DOES NOT WANT the ability for residents living on a residential street to restrict overnight parking. The initiative to support allowing restricted overnight parking was passed. The initiative Not to allow restricted overnight parking was defeated.

            The City Council defined several Overnight Parking Districts in Venice. The Coastal Commission denied the City of Los Angeles permission to allow residents to restrict overnight parking within the Coastal Zone (west of Lincoln). Mark Ryavec and/or the Venice Stakeholders’ Association sued to overturn the Coastal Commission decision. The City of Los Angeles joined the suit.

            What we have now is understanding that the Coastal Commission and the suing parties have hashed out a settlement. The question was simple – allow restriction or not allow restriction. This settlement, like so often with settlements, addresses other issues as well.

            The cost for stickers or hangers that would have to be on residents’ cars were $15 for one up to just over $100 per year if you had five (5!) cars that you parked overnight ON THE STREET. It is my understanding that those costs have not changed. For those who are outraged at the thought of paying $15 a year to park on the street instead of their driveway or garage, consider that Verizon charges an extra fee if the only service you order from them is phone service. A special “breathing” fee is on the drawing boards, but they haven’t decided whether the money should go to cleaning up polluted air or providing melamine containers of unpolluted air imported from the China coast. Welcome to the 21st century.


Steve F of Howard …It is the extra help that causes late mail. Wrong! Ruby has delivered our mail for years now. Howard St mail is rarely delivered before 4:30–often closer to 6p. What that means is that we lose a day in terms of responding to business mail most of the time. Our mail gets here earlier when Ruby is off…


Robert A of Venice …When you see an article like the bar code one, always check it out on Snopes.com. In this case, it’s false, and it makes you look gullible, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

            Comments:  Robert is absolutely correct. I am gullible. I cannot check out all that people send me.  It is time consuming enough to check out the stories.  Comments are more casual.  I like it that way.  These are individuals making comments.  They make mistakes.  You all have the right to correct them. We all learn.  It is a win-win.


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