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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–10 March 2013

Joan H of Stanford …
Has anyone else noticed how late our mail is getting to us? I think it came at midnight on Saturday. What is going on? Does anyone know?

Deborah L of Abbot Kinney …
Looks like “the players” in the OPD issue are NOT any real stakeholders of Venice. How is that just? (The VSA has only a very few members and Ryavec and his attorney are the only ones anyone ever sees.) So it would be okay to bypass the people of the community and let the fear of a lawsuit settle this huge issue for all of Venice? Do we have no voice or power in our own community anymore? OF COURSE we should have a Town Hall! And Mark should stop suing everyone and anyone when he doesn’t get his way. (And then ask for donations? Wow!) It is childish, petty, mean spirited and completely arrogant. Who does he think he is? Really? Who died and made him God of Venice? Only a tiny handful of Venetians agree with him but he sues like we all are behind him. We definitely are NOT. I am aware that he is actually losing support because he is getting worse and more out of control than ever. He is a fear monger with little humanity. He is in the deep pockets of slash and burn developers. He wastes many, many, many thousands of taxpayer dollars on his own agenda. He should stop. It would be good for his soul. And definitely good for Venice!

Jim S formerly of Venice Beachhead …
You omitted the oldest news source with the largest staff, the Free Venice Beachhead (since 1968).

The Beachhead has the dual distinction of being the country’s last underground newspaper and the largest newspaper that focuses exclusively on Venice. While other newspapers crumble or get bought up by chains, the Beachhead keeps chugging along. Let’s hear it for the home team!

Keep up the great work with the Triangle Update!

Douglas F formerly of Howard …
The Del Rey Neighborhood Council discussed the following at their 6 March meet. The public comment on the Annenberg presentation went late into the evening. They might have to have a larger place next time, which is 14 March, Westside Neighborhood School, 5400 Beethoven

Item 5. Presentation and consideration of the sale of offshore sand by the City of Los Angeles to Broad Beach Geologic Hazard Abatement District.

Item 6. Presentation and consideration of the proposed conceptual Interpretive Center within the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve presented by the Annenberg Foundation.

As you may already know, my father Dr. Rimmon C Fay was coined a “whistle blower” for much of his political career. What he was was a loyal and honest member of the community that informed other members of the community when he noticed something that he believed was wrong.

Yesterday I Googled, “We know where we’re headed in 2013 Heal the Bay” and was astounded when I read the first paragraph. It is complete hypocrisy to state that the Bay is healed.

Toni R of Howard …
New Source of News in Venice–so happy to hear this
New Voting Precinct for Half of Triangle–I met a man at my polling place on Oxford that had this problem. He was very determined to vote so I explained exactly how to get to Marina Point Drive. I wish everyone was determined to vote.

Gregg J, senior lead officer …
LAPD invites all to attend the Senior Lead Officer Summit, 24 April, 6:30 to 8 pm., Playa Vista Center Pointe Club, 6200 Playa Vista Drive. The subject of the summit will be Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Awareness. The LAFD Community Emergency Response Team will be there.

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