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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

New Source of News in Venice

ImagineVenice.org done by Elaine Spierer and Marian Crostic is just getting started.   From the looks of their three editions, the two know Abbot Kinney, talk to developers regarding street, are prodevelopment, and are aware of the parking situations on Abbot Kinney and in Venice.

While the rest of the world’s news sources are declining in number and consolidating under conglomerate sources, Venice is fortunate to have an abundance of news sources and is always welcoming new ones.

Update certainly encourages email news blasts for neighborhoods. The Venice Walk Street Meanderings by Sue Kaplan (Get on list at venicewalkstreetassn@ca.rr.com) and the Voice of the Canals by Darrel Dufay (www.voiceofthecanals.org) are two examples of keeping neighborhoods informed.   Originally the Update was strictly for the Triangle but now covers stories pertinent and important for Venice.

YoVenice.com, the largest news source covers everything in Venice and may miss something local, peculiar to a neighborhood, or find it might only be of interest to a neighborhood.  That is why neighborhood email blasts are so important.

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