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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Dressed for the Crime–DWP

In a recent Update, Gregg Jacobus, senior lead officer, mentioned there was a theft on Oxford Ave and that the crime was done by DWP impersonators.  One keeps your attention while the other burglarizes you.  Spotcrime.com lists the crime happening 10 pm 27 February in the 900 block of Oxford.

This in from Elizabeth Wright of Berkeley:  “Some time ago, either The Gas Company or DWP had an insert with their bills, asking folks to FIRST call them to verify that they had dispatched someone to your address, and then open your door. Replicas of their IDs and uniforms were being used to perform exactly the crimes described in the Update – gain access, keep the resident occupied in one part of the property while partner(s) help themselves to everything of value in the rest of the property. It makes sense to call first. And NEVER open your door to strangers. Police officers don’t, why should you?”

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