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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–27 February 2013

Mike D of Oxford …
I don’t have Mark’s email address handy or I’d pass this along to him. Best (and easiest/cheapest) way to remove a u-lock rather than cutting it is to use a car jack. If you place it between the parallel bar section and simply crank the jack to expand, the lock will bow and eventually snap. I’ve done it before in a pinch and it works quite well. No need for a fancy car jack either, any ordinary car jack that comes in your trunk from the dealership will do (often that’s easier actually as those jacks are smaller and easier to put into place).
If it’s a lock that has a rubber coating it’s a bit easier for grip and it will keep things safer as it may snap some small pieces towards your hands or face. I’d advise goggles and gloves to be safe. If it doesn’t have any rubber on it, you can still use a jack but definitely wear the gloves and goggles and take it slow.

Cyndi H of Westchester …
There has been an ongoing and increasing occurrence of vandalism of our street lighting systems for the copper. If you see someone unofficial tampering with streetlight poles, please report it to LAPD.

Douglas F formerly of Howard …
Janet Bridgers is giving us a free history lesson. I hope to see you there!
Heroes of the Coast – the Documentaryto Preview in Santa Monica Feb. 28
Documentary Provides History for Beach Goers—The Story of how Proposition 20 Passed, Creating the Coastal Commission and leading to the l976 Coastal Act
Earth Alert’s Heroes of the Coast – the Documentary will preview in Santa Monica on February 28 in a free public presentation at the Santa Monica Public Library at 7 p.m.
The hour-long documentary tells the story of 50 years of California coastal protection activism and legislation, with emphasis on the events leading up to the passage in 1972 of Proposition 20. Prop 20 created the California Coastal Commission (CCC). February 2013 is the 40th anniversary of when the CCC first began operating as a state agency.
Heroes of the Coast – the Documentary is Earth Alert’s fifth documentary on California coastal issues. For more information, visit www.earthalert.org.

Gregg J, senior lead officer …
I just wanted to advise you that recently there has been a distraction burglary involving individuals wearing DWP uniforms. These individuals distract the victim and have them take them into the backyard. At which point the other suspects enter the house and commit the burglary.
Please keep in mind that if you have not called DWP or are not expecting DWP then you can ask for a business card and call the company. Also if they do not give you a card, or leave in a hurry please write down the description of the suspect and call the police.
Officer Gregg Jacobus

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