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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Purse Snatching; DWP Imitators at It Again; Street Lights Out—All Right Here

According to a Security Systems patrol lieutenant, there was a purse snatching from a car parked in the Howard-Washington alley next to the Chabad a week ago.   No one was in car; window was smashed to obtain the purse.
Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus says there was a DWP impersonator who burglarized a house on Dickson or Oxford this week.  Jacobus couldn’t remember which.  These are people dressed as DWP employees.  One will take an owner to back yard while partner enters the house and robs it.  These people come and go in the Triangle.  They have been here before.  Ask for identification of any DWP operator.  They also usually arrive in a DWP vehicle.  If in doubt call DWP or police.  See Gregg Jacobus comments.
Approximately five street lights are out at Berkeley, Thatcher, and Princeton, making one wonder if the copper snatchers have been around. Cyndi Hench of Westchester and LAPD volunteer said the copper pirates are removing street light copper wires.  If you see anything suspicious, call 911.  Get descriptions if they flee the scene.  See comments under Cyndi Hench.

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