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Mr. Blight Remover Has Another Project


Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA) and long-time devotee of cleaning up Venice, has taken the latest symbol of Venice to task.  Top photo of bike hanging on to its kryptonite lock in the January 19 issue of the Triangle Update caught Ryavec’s eye and he asked where it was.

Update met Mark at Wavecrest and Ocean Front Walk to watch how it is done.  He has to cut the frame in two places to maneuver the frame thru the lock.  He then recycles the frame—puts it in blue barrel. Kryptonite is too tough for this $600, battery-operated sawz-all he said.  He can cut thru chains and has done such.  VSA paid for the saw he said and mentioned that a grinder would be necessary to remove the kryptonite lock.

He has removed many frames since he got the sawz-all.  One chain he removed and gave what remained of the bike to a lady who wanted a bike.

So take note now Venetians of the Venice bike blight because Mr. Blight Remover is at work.  If you have one you want removed, email Mark at Mark@markryavec.com or call 310-392-4843.


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