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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Volunteers Keep Checking in the “Stuff”


Michele Prichard, volunteer, talks with Jeremiads as volunteers Henry Gruver and Sarah Patejak help check in Alexis and Isa.

Jeremias says “It’s wonderful, just wonderful” when talking about the storage container at the beach.  She says she is able to go to shelter, using the bus provided for the homeless.  Without the storage container she would have to take all her “stuff” and go to shelter using a city bus.  Alexis, another user of the container, said it is the bus that makes you have only enough to put on your lap.

Jeremias, who is from Mexico, is a cleaning lady and elder care helper but she can’t work now because she hurt her leg.  Michele asked if she was getting medical help at the shelter.  Jeremias never answered.

Alexis and Isa are “hanging” until their Obama Tax comes.  They claim it will be about $1500 to $3000 each and they can get a van and travel.  They also mentioned that they don’t like to go to the mission downtown because the mission doesn’t provide a meal.

The storage container has been available since the last week in January from 3 to 5 pm and will continue to be available until 1 March.  The requirement for people to use the storage container is that they go to the shelter in Brentwood.  Busses are provided for them.  The volunteers said 17 of the 25 blue containers have been used so far.  They had nine customers Thursday–people who either put something in or took something out of their container or people who were using it for the first time.

“People will come and take out clean clothes for the shelter or they will take their clothes to get them washed” are examples according to the volunteers.  “They can leave their possessions in a container for five days at a time as long as they show proof that they have been to a shelter each day.

Eight have stopped using the container system for one reason or another, such as “one lady got housing and another person moved to Arizona.”

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