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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

The Latest Poop Is …


Three courteous, funny, clever, red and white signs have appeared at three corners of Thatcher and Berkeley.  One sign is a duplicate.

With concern and tact each sign asks for people to clean up after their pooches.  One sign has asked, with tongue-in-cheek, for the birds, not to go out of their way or detour the Triangle, but to kindly and courteously fly upside down when passing over.  That seems reasonable.   Be considerate is the rule.

All kinds of signs have been posted throughout the Triangle but none have seemed to spark the better part of a person—that part which takes responsibility.  Perhaps, these cleverly written signs will appeal to the humor of those walking their animals and the walkers will, not only want to pick up the poop, but delight in such endeavor with a smile.

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