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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Triangle Gets the Junk


A local “junk” man has been purchasing motor homes, boats, trailers, vans and parking them in the Triangle.  Recently, there has been a boat, a VW van, a class A motor home, a Toyota class C motor home, a maroon jeep, a vehicle hauler.

Maroon jeep and VW van were parked overnight and into the afternoon in a two-hour zone. Parking enforcement finally cited him.   Man knows to move everything within 72 hours and he does.  Why he parked in two-hour zone is unusual for him.  Phone number for parking enforcement is: 213-485-4184.  Option 1 is for abandoned vehicles, such as 72-hour violation; option 2 is for violations, such as staying in two-hour zone more than two hours, commercial vehicles in residential zone.

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