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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Saturday Morning on Ocean Front Walk, Around 8 am, Raining


All stuff was covered with plastic.  It was raining.


Arthure Moore

Arthure Moore was living the good life on Venice beach Saturday morning. He had enough sense to put up his canopy and stay dry.  It was before 9 am so he couldn’t put his display on the boardwalk plus it was raining. He had his own coffee brewing under the canopy.  Offered Update a cup and was explaining that he had been selling his art work for 35 years on the boardwalk in Venice. Said the Argonaut and LA Weekly had both done articles on him.

We started talking about shelters.  He was not going to any shelter.  But he was interested in PATH since it was permanent housing.  He said he neither drank or did drugs.  Gave him phone number for Tomasz at PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) and Arthure put it in his phone.  He was definitely interested in having a permanent place to stay but not interested in going to the shelter.
Arthure (with an “e” he says) is shown to the left of the two policemen on bicycles on Cronk’s mural on west side of Danny’s at Windward.  Arthure said check out the mural.


So photo was taken of Arthure in mural.


Four Young, New Ones in Town


Left to right Troll, Benjamin, Jeremy, and Tom.  Troll is from Louisiana; Benjamin from Kentucky, Jeremy, can’t remember, and Tom from Ohio and most recently Texas.
They all love it here because of the climate.  Tom remarked that Texas does not want homeless on the street.  “It is beautiful here and people, police don’t try to get rid of you,” Tom said.  “Benjamin and I did go to the shelter Friday night but would rather stay on the street.”  Tom was quick to show his baloney sandwich they gave him at breakfast with orange juice and say that they got him up just after 4 am.  He was “grateful for the warm bed and shower,” he said.  They said they were just going to hang around until they found work.




Scott said he spent the night on the boardwalk under the overhang.  St. Joseph brought plastic and the blankets are from St. Joseph. He said police don’t bother you if it is raining.  They are not supposed to be on the boardwalk from 9 pm to 6 am.




Claudette said she wouldn’t go to shelter.  Steve Clare said that 35 percent of the people at the Winter Shelter in Brentwood, which is also a U.S. Armory, are women.  The statistics further state that 60 percent of those are women have been abused.



Three peas in a pod staying dry with rain gear and an alcove.  Alcove was by the toilets.


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