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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Storage System to Start Soon

One reader said the storage container should be shown as an object obstructing the ocean view not the way it was shown in last Update.  Many commented that it was prime real estate being used for the homeless.   Last Update showed container positioned in front of LAPD substation.  So new photo.  Container hasn’t moved.

No one knows for sure when the container storage program will begin, only that it will be soon.  Deborah Lashever, volunteer, and Barbara Milliken, volunteer coordinator for Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC) will probably be the ones manning it until the volunteers are trained, according to Deborah Lashever.

Deborah mentioned that they may only have it open a couple hours a day instead of in the morning and at night.
One thing they have decided is to allow homeless to keep stuff there during the day (and, hopefully,  off the beach) and for a week, or as long as they continue to go to the shelter every night and show written proof of such.  Each week they would have to check in and prove that they had gone to the shelter each night.

This is “stuff” that hopefully will be put in shelter.  This will leave owner free to look for work during day and go to the shelter at night for a shower, bed, and warm meal.

These forms, along with itemized list of things, have not been established but will before the shelter is opened.  It is a pilot program.

Arturo Pina, from the council office, will be explaining the winter shelter program to residents at the Venice Neighborhood Council Tuesday. The program authorized by the council office and administered by Steve Clare, director of VCHC, bypassed the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Update assumes that both offices felt time was of the essence to get the homeless off the street into a shelter during the cold period. The container is to be there until 1 March.  The contract states 31 March but council office says 1 March.
The shelter provides a bed, a shower, and a hot meal.  Homeless are limited as to how much they can take to the shelter, thus the storage container.

All that being said, many people in Venice are upset with the storage container for the homeless because it means one more attraction or amenity for the homeless, one more reason for homeless to want to be homeless in Venice.  Another reason is that the council office bypassed the VNC.  The VNC is an advisory group for the council office and should reflect the desires of the community.

The administrative committee meeting of the VNC met Monday and discussed the bypassing of the VNC.  Newly elected community officer Tom Elliott, who represents ocean front walk,  had a new motion to present stating he wanted to have the VNC discuss this before installing the container.  Both he and newly elected Erin Sullivan-Ward were very vocal, as were most of the members, of the container being installed without VNC vetting.

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