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Milwood Walk Street Crime Report

By Sue Kaplan

Comment:  Milwood walk streets had six break-ins from 23 December to 5 January. Two were while residents were  home.  Thought this information would be helpful to others in other neighborhoods.
They were crimes of opportunity–an unlocked door, a window opened, even a crack, and the hidden key. That is what we mostly have in our neighborhood.
When the resident is home, the suspects usually run out quickly when they find out but often grabbing a computer or phone or other objects. Some have met them in the front yard and when asked what they are looking for, the suspects answer they are looking for a false address on the street or in the neighborhood and leave. The craziest one was last summer when the owner came home to find someone taking a bath. He called the police and it was handled quietly.
Officer Kristan Delatori, as well as Captain Jon Peters and Lieut. Crew, all stressed one thing: Lock up even if you are going to be gone for a few minutes. Also know your neighbors and let them know if anything happens. Call if you see anything suspicious and call to make a report if anything does happen. Be safe.
Lieut Crew told us of his break-ins to his home over the years as did Capt Peters of identity theft.
We meet with Officer Delatori maybe every other month. Our next meeting with her will be to take a walk through the neighborhood when she will point out lapses in securing our homes and cars.
We are moving forward to making our neighborhood safe.

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