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John and Micah Have a Home


Met John (can’t remember his last name) and his dog Micah in front of the weight lifting place on Ocean Front Walk (OFW) last year.
John didn’t drink or do drugs, and he was one of the few homeless who really wanted housing. He had been a minister and came to Venice from Oakland.
I talked with Linda Lucks about him to see if she knew of a place that would take dogs.  I gave his photo and particulars to others who might help.
He had a cell phone at the time and I gave him the number for PATH (People Assisting the Homeless).  PATH does not have places, or didn’t at the time have places, for people with pets.  But Tomasz of PATH gave John the number for a place that did.  John called the place and said guy put down his name and said he would call but that it might take six months. John lost his cell phone.  One time when I talked with him, I mentioned that he should check his messages where he had some kind of service. He indicated he would.
John stayed in front of the same place because occasionally the guy had some work for him to do and John was available for work.  Once I saw John in the alley with his dog and I asked him why he wasn’t in is usual place.  He said dogs aren’t allowed on the OFW during the weekends.   He said “I try to obey the law.”
I remember seeing John in August.  A church had given him a bicycle with a rear carrier that he could put his stuff in and carry Micah.  He was elated. Later in the day he was given a chain to lock his bike (Bike was steal bate.).  It happened to be his birthday.  He was so excited.
After that he had flat tires and was leaving his bike locked somewhere safe.  He seemed to be losing weight and getting discouraged.  He said “$200 a month doesn’t go far.”
I last saw him around Thanksgiving…maybe before.
I looked for him before Christmas and he was gone.  I was almost afraid to ask.
Finally, this week I asked people on the east side of the boardwalk if they had seen John.  One young man came out of his store at the mention of John’s name.  The young man was happy to report that John had a place to live.
John and Micah have a home at last.

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