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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Homeless Count for Year Changes to 10 Percent Increase from 13 Percent; Other Breakdown Categories Available

The latest LAHSA figure for 2019 Venice homeless is 1075, a 10 percent increase from last year. It was reported in June to be 1101 for Venice which gave...

Signs Go Up on Sunset, No Motorhomes

Signs Go Up on Sunset, No Motorhomes

No Parking signs for oversized vehicles on Sunset at Pacific went up last week opening parking for Google visitors and customers of Gold’s Gym. The Google...

Larry O’Connor Talks About Councilman Mike Bonin Leaving Homeless Man With Campfire Burning on Centinela

Larry O’Connor on his KABC talk show talked about Councilman Mike Bonin leaving a homeless man on Centinela with a campfire burning. KABC Talk  

Encampment Update — 18 October 2019

Encampment Update — 18 October 2019

It appears more people are being drawn to Venice. Hampton is almost as bad as 3rd but without a scheduled cleanup. Ocean and South Venice Blvd are repopulating....

Will Swinger be remembered as fashion photographer or the guy who got the rat-proof trash cans?

Will Rick Swinger be remembered by fellow Venetians as a fashion photographer or the person who got the rat-proof trash cans for Venice? Swinger has been...

Councilman Bonin Walks on Centinela and Walks Away from Homeless Man with Fire

Councilman Mike Bonin had a special walk and talk with Mike on Centinela last week. It was by RSVP and the meeting place was not disclosed until before...

VNC Addresses Billboard Blight, Renews Homeless Committee

By Angela McGregor Tuesday night’s meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Board featured a motion to create a Community Impact Statement...

3rd To Get Special Cleaning Wednesday

3rd To Get Special Cleaning Wednesday

3rd Ave between Rose and Sunset will be cleaned Wednesday, 16 October. It is normally cleaned on Fridays, but because of the fires, Sanitation was called...

Bill Maher, political commentator and comedian, talks about the costs for homeless housing in Los Angeles

Bill Maher, comedian and political commentator talks about the cost of the homeless housing in Los Angeles.

Encampment Update — 10 October

Encampment Update — 10 October

South Venice Blvd and Westminster Senior Center Park are increasing in number of encampments as is Hampton Ave, north of Rose on the east side in front...