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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Three Feet for Safety” Law Starts 16th

Bikers have long sought to have this “Three Feet for Safety” law come into effect. CVC 21760 becomes effective next Tuesday, following more than 20...

Whale Checks Out MDR

Large grey whale, about 18 feet long, entered Marina and caused helicopters to hover for more than an hour. Whales start migrating south to Mexico during...

Party Time on Carter

Still congregation on Carter and still against the law to drink in public.

What Team Are We On? Garcia says “Park it”

By Reta Moser I had just taken photo of drunks on Carter and was stopped at stop sign on Stanford at Berkeley waiting for police car to arrive behind vehicle....

LUPC Update for 2 Sept Meet

In the last Update issue, the status of 672 Brooks and 665 Vernon were not known. Robin Rudisill, chair of Land Use and Planning committee (LUPC), provided...

Small Lot Subdivision Directive to be Appealed

The Small Lot Subdivision directive (revised) issued 14 August 2014 was appealed and appeal is tentatively set to be heard 23 October 2014 by the City...

Crime in Venice, MDR 7-8 September 2014

All are concerned with crime in their area. The following are crimes in the various areas and for mainly 7 and 8 September. There are a couple of other...

No Attention Deficit Here

No Attention Deficit Here

What’s Coming?

16 September 2014 Venice Neighborhood Council will hear 600 Mildred, Kim’s Market. 28 September 2014 Abbot Kinney Festival, 10 am to 6 pm.

Jody Moroni Sausage Kingdom, Robbed

Jody Moroni Sausage Kingdom, Robbed

The original Jody Moroni’s famous Sausage Kingdom on Ocean Front Walk was robbed 31 August. Jordan Monkarsh has spread his sausage cuisine to other...