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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC Approves Projects, Homeless Motions

Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) last Tuesday recommended approval and disapproval of building projects for Venice as well as approved motions that will help homeless.

Approved projects were 45 Venice Blvd, 2318 Clement, 825 Palms, 741 Superba, 210 Linnie Canal, 80 Windward, 2318 Clement, and 742 – 746 Milwood. Rialto project at 407 – 409 was denied. Abbot Kinney at 1522 was removed from list of projects to be discussed.

A motion was provided by the homeless committee for a 6-month pilot program, in cooperations with LAPD and the Bureau of Sanitation, to provide 25 60-gallon bins on 3rd and Rose for the homeless to use for storage of personal items during the day. As of now, there is no such storage program other than the one at Venice Beach. Another motion provided by the homeless committee was to provide homeless persons with free pet services once a month.

A motion proposed by the neighborhood committee was to provide signs at parks and schools restricting oversize vehicles during certain hours. This would eliminate neighbors doing the petition on a block-by-block basis.

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  1. HB

    Regarding Homeless people and their pets receiving free pet services once a month: I think that is a great idea. With so many animals euthanized in shelters or even lifers in shelters, for most dogs, “a person” is home. I would love to see an animal cared for by their human under any circumstances instead of abandonment or worse. I also respect the love a human has for their animals when even in the hardest times they often feed their companion before themselves and share what little they have. While I’m not the biggest fan of all the transient issues and the lack of enforcement of related to the drug use and vulnerability we endure on a daily basis to the unpredictability of the mental state ( drug induced or otherwise) I feel that anyone who is trying to care for their pet and loves an animal has something special that they live for. And those animals deserve any care the community provides because more than anyone on the streets, the dogs have absolutely no say or choices to be made about their circumstances. If they can remain somewhat healthy and loved by their human under these circumstances, that is a good thing.

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