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Venice Update

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Graffiti and More Graffiti

Kim’s Market at the corner of Mildred and Ocean.

Mural at Kim’s Market was ruined by graffitiers earlier in the year. It was then painted or “muraled” with black and white checks. Now graffiti has appeared next to the signature. Is this the sign that the graffitiers are becoming considerate and not messing up the design but still wanting their signature to appear?

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  1. Stewart

    On the bright side, early this morning we came across LA Graffiti Removal painting over a large fence tagging.
    Nice to see improvement happening.

  2. Stewart

    LA CITY COUNCIL has a standing reward of $2000.00 for information leading to arrest and conviction of tagging.
    The reward for the tagging on the Vietnam MIA Memorial Wall is $30,000.00 ($20,000.00 LA County, $10,000.00 LA City).

    • Nick Antonicello

      Why not just donate the $30K to fix the Vietnam Memorial Wall? It seems they are more obsessed with finding the tagger than remediating the memorial!

      • Nick Z

        Same reason you pursue and investigate any crime, to prevent/discourage future crimes. A seemingly foreign concept in Venice where residents are just expected to endure crime in broad daylight with no enforcement.

  3. Darin

    It is interesting that sometimes it looks like, “Respect the art,” but that’d be jumping to conclusions.

    Personal related story- I had had at one time, mid 90s, a commissioned graffiti art piece on my garage door. Young, talented SAMO prodigy and colleague at the computer gaming company I worked at in Venice (right where Google is now), well, bought him a huge supply of spray cans and he went to town. Floating in space and stars, a three looped DNA MÖBIUS strip, looked like a piano keyboard with a great disembodied, multicolored arm and hand playing it. Very cool.

    Just about to approach my garage, I was accosted by three gangstas. They were throwing quite the menacing vibe, it was not a friendliest moment. I felt scared, not knowing what was what, and then pointed to the art on the garage door: “You like that?”

    They looked me over, looked at the garage, and one said, “Yeah, it’s cool…” And they kept on walking.

    Art can have the power to communicate and bring people together. It’s sad when pieces get covered over, vandalized, but if the message secreted in the art is positive, it has a chance to elevate and bring people together, or at least lays a context for common ground.

    The piece on my garage door, a cosmic music tied into who we are, DNA, played by a universal hand.

    I love the free spirited art in our neighborhood. As Venice may start changing with new development in the coming years, remember to insist on conditions for incorporating public art. The recent mixed use development on Rose, so cookie cutter, so UN-Venice, so NOT the Venice I’d like to see in 20 years.

    Buildings and the development tides are coming in, so INSIST on arts integration and personality has to get baked into the design cake too. New doesn’t have to bland, it can be funky and interesting and inspiring.

    • Darin

      Also, my garage door piece survived 15 years without getting vandalized. Only one time got tagged. Luv that sacrificial graffiti protection coating. :)

  4. James

    It’s a sign that crime, vandalism and criminals are rampant in Venice and it’s not good enough.

    • James

      I’ve sure @livinginveniceisfree will say that I’m discriminating against vandals but get these people out of Venice.

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