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Nahhas Supports Charles Lester of CCC

The keeping or not keeping of Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester of the California Coastal Commission has been the subject of many headlines. Latest article.

Nahhas has supplied a link to a KCRW radio interview about the attempt to oust the Executive Director of the Coastal Commission and the long time running of development interests trying to overrun the Commission.  Former Coastal Commissioner, Steve Blank, talks about the ramifications of their efforts. http://www.kcrw.com/news-culture/shows/press-play-with-madeleine-brand/state-of-the-state-coastal-commission-coup-oscarssowhite

Nahhas of the Boating Coalition also has added his support with the following letter:

Dear Chair Kinsey,

As one of the staunch supporters of the California Coastal Act and environmental protection along the coast, please act on my behalf as one of your constituents on the Coastal Commission to prevent the potential termination of the Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester.

As you know our vast knowledge of coastal issues has put us in front of your commission several times. While the votes have not always gone our way, it is important to ensure that Commission Staff view their job as stewards of the coast and view development projects through the lens of protection of the public access along the coastal regions.


Jon Nahhas
The Boating Coalition

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