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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–29 September 2015

Note: There are additional comments at VeniceUpdate.com that go with the story. Please note that Roxanne Brown below in comments has provided the necessary links for keeping Venetians abreast of the big news affecting Venice and Venetians.

Jody Eldred
While the cartoon about the illegal billboards was amusing, I found it offensive. Those billboards should be described as, “Undocumented Billboards”, or as President Obama might call them, ” Billboards in Waiting.”

Carolyn Rios
That is NOT a mural at the paddle courts.
It is clearly an AD.

Speaking of real murals, too bad the Goggle Abbot Kinney mural is NOT open to the public.

Comment. Update goofed. It is a billboard and Mr. Billboard Blight is aware.

Toni Reilly
Thank-you Heather for alerting us about the man with the orange vest. He was at my house on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t answer the door but did see him through a window.

Regina Weller
I love your “Venice Update”, it’s factual and interesting and very human without being preachy or argumentive.

Roxanne Brown
Late night Tuesday evening, September 22, 2015 a 2013 Ford CMAX, license plate 6YDW426 was stolen in front of owner’s home in 300 block of Vernon. Owner, who has lived at her residence since 1999, says she had never had any incident of crime or stolen property until now.

1)Los Angeles officials said Tuesday that they would declare a state of emergency on homelessness and proposed spending $100 million to reduce the number of people living on city streets.City Council President Herb Wesson, members of t…
Associated Press – Tuesday, September 22, 2015


2)Needles, Waste in Water at beaches


3)Driver Gets Decades in Prison for Deadly Boardwalk Rampage
Nathan Louis Campbell was sentenced to 42 years to life in prison for plowing through pedestrians on the Venice boardwalk.



Darryl Dufay


To Venice Airbnb Hosts,

The final public hearings on short-term rentals have been announced. They will be held near your neighborhood by the City of LA Department of Planning which will lead to changes on how you will continue to share your home.

Tuesday City Hall will listen to input from community stakeholders on upcoming short-term rental laws. This is a critical moment for you to tell the city what you think and your public opinion on the rules that will govern (take City questionnaire here) how you continue to share your home. This is your LAST & FINAL opportunity to weigh in before something is put on paper. No one is a better advocate than you to talk about the economic and cultural benefits of home sharing and this is your best chance yet to learn about and help shape the City’s regulations on short-term rental housing.


West Los Angeles: Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30pm
Mar Vista Park Auditorium

Beth England
Really been enjoying the Update- it’s of great value.

Reading about the Wellers’ work with the homeless has been particularly moving.

I’ve also been subscribing to and reading the Christian Science Monitor’s “Daily Newsbriefs” which include the day’s top world news stories.

In one of those articles, I found a story which immediately made me think of the Wellers and how maybe these are people who should know each other’s work, etc. So my first thought was to forward the article on to you. (See link below):


(The guy in the article mentions about partnering with churches in his work.)

Thanks for publishing a compelling newsletter. It’s truly educational

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