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PLUM to Hear Billboard Sign Ordinance

A report on the new city-wide sign ordinance in the works for almost six years will be presented to the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee Tuesday,( June 24) at 2:30 pm, City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., Room 350.

“While no action is expected, it is extremely important that members of the public concerned about digital billboards, illegal billboards, and other issues of sign blight make their concerns known to committee members through e-mails and attendance at the meeting, if possible,” wrote Dennis Hathaway, president of Ban Billboard Blight.

Please address comments as follows and email to sharon.gin@lacity.org

Re: Council file 08-2020, Citywide Sign Ordinance
To: Councilmember Jose Huizar, Chairman
Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo
Councilmember Mitchell Englander

The Ordinance as it stands can be read here.

Coalition is asking for two critical changes and they are:

  • The ordinance calls for the removal of existing billboards in exchange for putting up new off-site signs, including digital, in sign districts. The “takedown” ratio is one sq. ft. of signage to be removed for every sq. ft. of new signage put up, with “community benefits” packages allowed to substitute for up to 50% of that takedown requirement. In the case of digital signs, which produce much more revenue for sign companies and property owners than conventional billboards, that ratio makes no sense, and should be increased to a minimum of 8 sq. ft. of billboard space removed for every sq. ft. of new digital signage installed.
  • The ordinance establishes important new regulations for sign districts and limits them to high-intensity commercial areas. Unfortunately, at the direction of the PLUM committee, the ordinance includes a grandfathering clause that would allow 14 sign districts proposed in some way but not approved by the City Council to proceed under the much more lax regulations in the current sign ordinance. When the City Planning Commission approved this new sign ordinance back in 2009, it grandfathered only the two sign districts it had previously approved. This was reasonable and the new ordinance should be revised to include only those two.

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